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Blogging Frequently

The art of blogging frequently

Blogging frequently is not an easy thing to do. In fact, many bloggers only post articles occasionally because they can’t keep pace. How are you doing with this part of your blogging business? Are you blogging once a week, once a month, every day or what? You might be wondering right about now… What is […]

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Blogging Part-Time

Is part-time blogging enough?

Is part-time blogging enough? I recently had a blogging client ask me that during our first consultation. It took me back for a moment because most of the people I network with consider blogging to be their full-time occupation. But it made me wonder. Do part-time bloggers really give enough time to their blogging business? […]

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reach your blogging goals

Reach your blogging goals using this magic method

Are you confident you can reach your blogging goals? Most bloggers will tell you they are. But very few really believe that. They might be trying to convince you. But more likely, they’re trying to convince themselves. So, am I talking about self confidence, here? I suppose to some extent. But more than that, I’m […]

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Start a Blog

Should you start a blog in 2022?

To start a blog in 2022, you need to consider a few things. First of all, why should you start a blog? Is it a good idea to start your blog at this time? Do you already have a blog? If so, should you start another one? Are you new to blogging? Special: Join Donna’s […]

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Clickable Blog Post Headlines

Clickable blog post headlines

Everyone wants to write clickable blog post headlines. That’s the very first step in getting people to read your blog post. If your headline sounds boring, too technical or of little interest, then people won’t click through to your blog. But if, on the other hand, it sounds exciting, promising and relatively simple, then you […]

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Grow your Blog with an Email Autoresponder

Grow your blog with an email autoresponder

Your blog is not likely to grow without an email autoresponder. Look at it this way. A successful blog is one that has built a loyal audience. People need to be interested in what you’re doing. And they need to be alerted each time you do something new. You can try to accomplish that with […]

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Get Free Blog Traffic from Pinterest

Get free blog traffic from Pinterest

You can get free blog traffic from Pinterest. It’s not difficult, but you have to know how to do it. When you do, it can become an extremely powerful way to drive lots of free traffic to your blog. And Pinterest blog traffic can stream in steadily, as long as you stay on top of […]

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Network with Bloggers

The easy way to network with bloggers

The easy way to network with bloggers is to make it a habit. It doesn’t happen overnight. Just like it takes time for a habit to form, it also takes time for networks to develop. But just because it takes some time, doesn’t mean it’s difficult. In fact, it’s pretty much intuitive. And it’s a […]

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Bloggers who hate SEO

For bloggers who hate SEO

All you bloggers who hate SEO, I’ve got some good news for you. Blogging is not all about SEO. It’s about publishing valuable content that people in your niche want to read. Even more to the point, it’s about publishing valuable content that people who follow you want to read. That’s right. People who read […]

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promote your blog posts

Best strategies to promote your blog posts

You must promote your blog posts to drive traffic to them. It’s not enough to simply write a great article. Yes, that’s the first thing you have to do. But it’s not the last. Far from it. In order to have a successful blog, you need lots of traffic. It won’t just happen because you’re […]

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Blogging Consistently

Quick guide to blogging consistently

Blogging consistently is one of the keys to having a successful blog. You might want to start making money with your blog. Or attract more traffic to it. Maybe you want to climb in the Google rankings so people actually find you in the search engines. But none of these things are going to happen […]

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evergreen blog content

Your blog needs evergreen content

Your blog needs evergreen content to have steady growth. Evergreen content is You need it because you can continually re-publish, re-purpose and even re-market it. This means that from one single blog post, you can get years of traffic flow to your blog. And it’s nearly effortless. Compare that to publishing a piece of content […]

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