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Best Bloggers To Follow

Best bloggers to follow in 2021

The best bloggers to follow 2021 are those who can best help you. If you are a blogger, you want to build your own blogging business. So it makes perfect sense for you to peek at what other bloggers are doing to build theirs. But how do you know which are the ones you should […]

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Why You Need A Blog

Why you need a blog

You need a blog if you want to connect with people online. Sure, you can just go out on social media sites and leave comments, likes, up-votes and the rest. But if you really want to connect with people, then blogging could be the perfect thing for you. Here are some of the reasons. Your […]

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How Pinterest grows your blogging audience

How Pinterest grows your blogging audience

Pinterest grows your blogging audience in many ways. I will show you a few here. So, first, let’s understand something. Every blogger needs to grow their blogging audience. That’s the only way to get readership. And readership means a profit base. As critical as it is to grow your blogging audience, you may just get […]

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The most effective way to monetize your blog

The most effective way to monetize your blog

The most effective way to monetize your blog is to move readers through a sales funnel. It’s not complicated. In fact, it’s really simple. But there are two things that stop most bloggers from doing this. First, they don’t really know what a sales funnel is. And they don’t know how to put one together […]

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Grow Your Blog With Facebook

Grow your blog with Facebook

You can grow your blog with Facebook very effectively. I recently posed the question, do you need Google to get people to your blog? The short answer is no. You don’t need Google… even though it can send tons of free traffic your way. But there are alternatives to ranking high in Google search. Special: […]

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Make Your Roadmap To Successful Blogging

Make your roadmap to successful blogging

To make your roadmap to successful blogging, you need to know where you’re heading. Just think if you jumped in your car to start a road trip. If you didn’t have any idea where to head, then you could end up just about anywhere. Everything would be left up to chance. The same thing with […]

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Is your blog getting results

Is your blog getting results?

Is your blog getting results? I mean, the results you want. That’s not the same for everyone, of course. So, first thing… think of what kind of results you expect from blogging. Profit Recognition Social Following Special: Join Donna’s Free VIP Blogging Club – Free Now… Free Forever Monitor your results Whatever your end game […]

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