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This post was most recently updated on May 22nd, 2015

Always an entrepreneur at heart, I learned to take action on my instincts

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, U.S.A., of Italian decent in an Italian neighborhood.   I’m spunky!  You can take the girl  out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn out of the girl! 

Some say “slow down Donna!”  But  that old New York lifestyle is ingrained in me.

I live with my husband, David Merrill for the past 25 years. He is not only my husband, but my best friend and business partner.   We have 2 dogs who we refer to as our furbabies. 

We moved from NYC to Ithaca NY where life was great.  Small town, great restaurants and plenty of nature.  Most recently, we have moved on to Kennebunk, Maine where life is totally sweet, full of pine forests and beaches.  Yes, we live the laptop lifestyle for sure!

Social Networking The Old Way…

As a Psychic for nearly 30 years, I developed a storefront business and private professional practice with a small budget, and a great idea.  I posted a sign outside my storefront that read: “7 minute quickies – $10.”   Why?  I knew everyone had ten bucks in their pocket and the word “quickie” got their attention.  I guess I knew “keywords” before I even know what they were.

The “7 minute quickies” idea was designed to build a clientele. To my surprise, it worked faster than I could handle.  I still run that business called Mind Over Matter. Now I do consultations by phone, Skype and Facetime. 

Of course, there are no more quickies, but many serious, long-time repeat clients.  The best part of this business is that I NEVER advertised.  It started back in the old days, so I wrote articles, appeared as a guest on radio stations, and even hosted my own New York radio show for a while. 

Social Networking The New Way…

Now I am doing the same thing with Blogging, Social Media and Attraction Marketing on the internet. 

My old “7 minute quickie” has become Attraction Marketing. 

My endless radio spots and shows became my Blog. 

My word of mouth is now passed along via many Social Media sites.

I’m the gal who can show you many ways to overcome obstacles you face in your online business.  It isn’t easy running your own business, being the CEO of You Inc., but with the right strategy and systems in place… YOU CAN do it.

I am driven by my passion to help people grow and develop their skills, complete their goals and live their dreams.  

This is the passion that I had in my private practice, and the same passion that has brought me into the world of Blogging and Internet Marketing. 

Through Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms, I have found many ways to reach, and to assist a larger number of people than I could in private practice alone.  It is such a cool thing that I can help so many people (that I’ve never even met in person!)… to find their own success and fulfillment.

Today… It’s All About Being “Online”…

I am especially passionate about assisting online blogging and marketing “Newbies” who are struggling to develop their own online businesses. 

The first thing I teach them is to leverage the immense power and viral qualities of Blogging.  This has been proven to be the most effective method for building a List of followers, customers, prospects and clients.  When you do this right, you’ll connect with a vast online marketplace of folks eager to consume your products and services, or to join your business.

If you’re not rocking your world with Blogging and Online Marketing… You are missing the boat 🙂

Whether you are new to the exciting world of the internet, a seasoned pro, or a major company looking to up the ante on your success… read my blog, follow me on my social sites.  You might also like to contact me for an informal chat, or check out my mentoring opportunities.  

I’d love to show you how you can use leverage the internet and Blogging to breathe life to your business, professional practice, and all your budding dreams.

To your success,

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