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Virtual Assistant side hustle for bloggers

Virtual Assistant side hustle for bloggers

Creating a virtual assistant side hustle can be a great way for bloggers to earn extra income.  As a blogger, you probably possess skills such as organizing, writing, marketing, content production and social media management, These skills and others are essential to blogging. And they are the same skills essential to building prosperous side hustles. […]

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Blogging for professional networking

Blogging for professional networking

Blogging for professional networking is key to building your business.  It’s all about showcasing your expertise and leadership. As a networking strategy, it’s a way to let your peers see what you’re doing and thinking. And it lets prospective employers get a real view of your talents, skills, expertise and leadership. Blogging is a very […]

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Blogging to land a remote job

Blogging as a tool to land a remote job

Who should consider blogging as a tool to land a remote job? Well, anyone can. And it’s an effective avenue for anyone to take in order to get the kind of remote job they’re looking for. But it’s a particularly beneficial technique for you to explore if you’re already a blogger. Blogging skills required Because […]

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How to reach your blogging goals

How to reach your blogging goals

You won’t reach your blogging goals by blindly putting one foot in front of the next. Sure, that will get you somewhere, but who knows where?  You’ll just keep yourself busy without any real sense of direction.  In order to reach your blogging goals, you have to first know what your goals are. Then, you […]

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Use AI for blogging

4 ways to use AI for blogging

Learn 4 ways to use AI for blogging in this article. I’ve found that many bloggers are frightened by the prospect of using AI. They fear it will be difficult and complex. Or they think that so many people will start using it to write blog posts that the value of original blogging content will […]

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e-commerce guest posts

Writing e-commerce guest posts

Writing e-commerce guest posts is a special type of blogging. That’s because e-commerce blogs are not like other types of blogs. E-commerce blogs aim to feature and sell products or services. They are often organized as product reviews. They might elaborate on things like product comparisons, listing side-by-side features, pricing, pros and cons. This is […]

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schedule business blog posts

How to schedule blog posts for your business

You should schedule your business blog posts according to your business goals. A blog is a great way to connect with readers who are good prospects for your products and services. But you have to let them know you have information to help them actually purchase your products or hire your services. There is a […]

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successful business blog

How to run a successful business blog

To run a successful business blog, you must operate on many fronts. First you need to consider what kind of content you’ll have to publish. Then you have to determine whether or not you have sufficient staff to operate your blog, or if you need to hire out talented freelancers, coordinators and consultants. How can […]

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Simple Sales Funnels

Simple Sales Funnels Score Big

Simple sales funnels can help your blog score big profits for your business, enterprise or professional practice. The problem is that too many bloggers believe that sales funnels have to be complicated and high-tech. Not so. In fact, some of the most successful sales funnels are so simple that you might be fooled into thinking […]

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Create a product for your blog

Create a product for your blog

It’s important to create a product for your blog. This is how you build an audience, an email list and therefore a business. But I know, most bloggers think “hey, I can’t create a product. That’s only for the big guys and gals.” Not true. Anyone can create a product and here’s the thing. Creating […]

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Case studies blog

Case studies get amazing blog results

Case studies can breathe life into your blog. And they can deliver some truly amazing results. This is true for any blog, but especially business blogs. If you have a business blog, you might think it’s just about blogging. Whatever that means. But it’s not about blogging just for the sake of blogging. It’s about […]

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Bloggers Obstacles

How bloggers overcome obstacles

Bloggers overcome obstacles in various ways. Unfortunately, many bloggers just give up at the first hint of difficulty. Are you facing difficulties that make you want to throw up your hands and walk away from your blog? If so, it’s probably because you think you can’t possibly overcome the obstacles you face. Maybe those obstacles […]

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