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Promote Business Blog

How to promote your business blog

You need to promote your business blog if you want it to attract customers and clients. It’s important to be posting frequently to your business blog, of course. But that won’t get you far if you’re not actually promoting the articles you post. So let’s talk about how you can promote those articles, and at […]

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Social Proof Interviews

Social proof interviews for bloggers 

Social proof interviews are a great way for bloggers to build trust.  In fact, trust is the greatest asset you can have as a blogger. And there are many complicated ways to gain that trust. You can, for instance, create partnerships with trusted brands and social media influencers and celebrities. Or you can generate real-time […]

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Bloggers Find Passion

How bloggers find their passion

Bloggers find their passion in various ways. You may have heard it said that unless you blog about something you are passionate about, you will likely fail. That may be so. But you don’t always have to know what you’re passionate about from the moment you decide to start blogging. In fact, the majority of […]

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Update a blog post

7 steps to update a blog post

It’s a good idea to update a blog post from time to time. You don’t need to do this for every single blog post you’ve ever published. But key ones that you want to rank high for should be continually updated. This keeps them current, of course. But it also tells the search engines that […]

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blog makes money

Should you dump a blog that makes no money?

If you have a blog that makes money, that’ great! But… maybe your blog makes no money. Then you know how frustrating that can be. But should you dump your blog simply because it makes no money? Just quit and start all over again with something new? Well, of course, that’s up to you to […]

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Why Does My Blog Fail To Grow And Make Money?

Why Does My Blog Fail To Grow And Make Money?

If your blog is failing to grow, failing to make money, or failing to attract crowds of followers and readers… there’s a reason. Do you ever ask yourself, “Why Does My Blog Fail To Grow And Make Money?” I deal with these issues every day as a blogging coach. And I also create many products designed […]

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After publishing your blog post

After publishing your blog post – what next?

This post was most recently updated on November 14th, 2022 After publishing your blog post, what should you do next? I have some top-notch post-publication blog post tips for you. So read on. If you implement these tips in your business, you’re sure to enhance the popularity of your blog posts. But if you don’t, […]

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blogger productivity tactics

4 essential blogger productivity tactics to master

There are four specific blogger productivity tactics you must master to run a successful blogging business. I’m going to outline these four essential tactics in this article. By the time we’re done, you’ll know what it takes to get things done in order to take your blogging business to the next level. You see, getting […]

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