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Challenge – Restart Your Business For An Awesome 2017

This post was most recently updated on December 14th, 2016

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Clear all the crap off your desk.

Get rid of all those crumpled up to-do lists.

Stop spinning your wheels with busy work.

Imagine that you will write all the stuff you have “to-do” on one big blackboard.

It makes you dizzy just looking at it, right?

That’s what we call overwhelm.

That’s what we call getting Nowhere Fast.

Over the next 30 days, we’re going to change all that.

We’re going to Erase The Board.



Nothing on it.

Forget about everything.

We’re going to start from the ground, and work up to

  • only what makes sense,

  • only what is productive,

  • only what makes dollars and cents.

This is going to be a 30 Day Challenge to do a Reset on your business.

Take what’s not profitable and make it profitable

Find what’s not making you money and either change it, or drop it

Figure out if you’re spending too much time or money on your blog, and let’s cut them both down to size

Figure out 1, 2 or 3 things you can do every day to make your business profitable

Spend an hour on each, and watch your results improve

This is for you if you want to…

  • Get more traffic to your blog

  • Build a bigger email list

  • Make your hard work convert into profits

This is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Get off the treadmill of doing the same old things over and over

  • Stop working your online business like it’s a job, and start running it like a business

  • Stop being an automaton and start being an entrepreneur

Here’s what it consists of…

Regular training and homework via email

Open access to us via email throughout the 30 Day Challenge

Personal, one-on-one development of a plan that will make your business take off in 2017.

No Refunds For Challenge Programs

30 Day Challenge - Restart Your Business

Stop working hard and start working smart…

We’ll take you by the hand and show you how you can start putting this principle to work in your business.

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