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Love Is A Fingerprint

So here we go!

This is actually the first video share I’m sending out to you guys in my Inner Psychic Circle.

It’s all about… what else… LOVE.

I’ve consulted with literally thousands of clients over several decades in my professional practice.  Doctors, lawyers, therapists, law enforcement and government agents are just a few of the many people I’ve had the pleasure to work with.  Almost without question, the most pressing issue on everyone’s mind is LOVE.

So, while I intend to teach my Inner Psychic Circle friends a lot about personal development, techniques for attracting and holding onto the things you want most in your life, and training your brain to actually manifest your subconscious desires in real time… I thought it most appropriate to start the tutorials with a subject so close to EVERYONE’s heart  – pun intended 🙂 – that is LOVE.

So click on the video below, and let’s get it kickin’!



Hope you enjoyed this video.  There will be more to come on a fairly regular basis (I’m thinking a couple a month, as my work-load permits).

In addition, I’m planning to do some LIVE WEBINARS very soon.  In that format, I’ll be on a live presentation that you’ll be invited to join right from the comfort of your computer.


This is a work in progress, so don’t expect perfection – at least for a while :).  I’d love to get your feedback and maybe even some ideas of the kinds of things you’d like to hear about.  Best way to contact me is on my Facebook Fan Page Wall. Shoot me out me any comments, praise, questions or ideas you might have.  (No direct messages please… just far too many people to respond individually).

See you on my next little video share!



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