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Donna & David – Our Speaking Page

Finding just the right speaker for your event can be a challenge.

You need to make sure the speaker you book can deliver on your chosen topic, and do it with style, sincerity and authenticity.

That’s the kind of connection that any audience is looking for.


Here’s what you can you expect when you work with us.

We will keep in close contact with you about your exact needs and requirements. This is typically done via telephone and email.

We will work with you to help promote your event.

We will deliver a polished and professional, yet fun and friendly presentation. Yes, we know our stuff… but it’s not really about us, it’s about improving the lives of your audience members.

Because of Donna’s heavy interviewing and blogging schedule, our speaking engagements are usually done by David. He will, however, bring Donna on as a surprise guest and co-presenter whenever possible.

We will deliver follow-up resources to your audience, based on the specifics of our presentation.


We have been pro bloggers since 2010.

David blogs at David Merrill 101.

He is also the Managing Editor of the very popular and highly ranked blog... Donna Merrill Tribe

Learn more about David here... http://davidmerrill.writersresidence.com/​

If you want to run a Google search on him, use this keyword phrase... "David Merrill 101" for best results.

Donna’s blog is one of the leading blogs about blogging in the world.

She has a robust community of blogging and social media followers.

​To Google search more about Donna, use this keyword phrase... "Donna Merrill Tribe" for best results.

Together, we operate private consulting and training for bloggers and online marketers.

We have also created and marketed many online training courses, masterminds and workshops.

Donna has run a private intuitive consulting practice in New York for many years.

David has worked extensively as a freelance writer. He has an M.Ed. from Columbia in Communications.

We have been married for 27 years, and business partners from day one.

While we are from New York (Donna from Brooklyn, David from Nyack), we now live on the southern Atlantic coast of Maine, 90 miles north of Boston.

In our spare time we like to walk the beach, hang out with our dogs and oh yea, Donna just picked up a Ukelele.  She is taking YouTube lessons to learn how to use it.


Most of the public speaking we have done has been online.

We have conducted many live webinars and teleseminars where audience members were paying attendees.

Our video clips are largely from those events, and should give you a good idea of our speaking philosophy and presentation style.




Some of our most popular presentation topics are listed below.

We also tailor our talks to meet the specific interests of your audience..

Before we book your event, we will discuss more precisely what your audience is looking for, and build a customize presentation around it.

Remember, our top priority is to serve your needs.

We will make sure that your audience has a positive and rewarding experience.


Blogging is the most popular topic that we speak about. We present all aspects of blogging, especially... how to use it as a way to let others know about you, your cause, your expertise, your passions… anything you need to project into the world, into the workplace or to the media.                    

There was a time when only celebrities and top leaders or experts had a platform for speaking to an audience. Blogging gives everybody a chance to express themselves. People love blogging, from mid-level managers seeking to establish their leadership, to people with distinct opinions on specific topics looking to build an authority standing and even to students trying to build a resume that tells the world who they are more than just what they've done.

  Leadership & Authority

You are who you say you are. Every time you update your Facebook status or deliver a tweet, you are leaving an impression on the world. Most people don't realize that they are "branding" themselves all the time when they're online.

In this presentation, we'll show you how to take control of that "personal branding" process, so you portray yourself by design. This is a great way to establish your authority or leadership in your field, or bring attention to your cause, art or career strengths. Know who you are, then tell it to the world. We'll show you how.

Get Your Voice Heard

What's your cause, your gift or your message to the world?

You are important. You have a unique message or gift to share with the world. Your message can change the world! So, it's your obligation to spread it far and wide.

We will show you all the ways you can do this starting with understanding what your message is. Then you'll learn how to construct and disseminate it via the internet. That's how your message gets the exposure it needs to have the effect you desire.

Build A Breakthrough Mindset

Many people struggle to achieve their goals. They try one way, then another, but just keep spinning their wheels. What's holding them back? What causes their repeat6d failure? More often than not, they keep stumbling over the same old invisible obstacles, yet they can't even identify them.

In this presentation, we teach people how to slay the demons that stalk them, and break through the obstacles that hold them back.

Blueprint For The Life Of Your Dreams

It's hard to live the life you deserve when you don't really know what you want. It's just about impossible to realize your dreams when you have no workable plan for achieving them.

In this presentation, we walk you through the process of determining what you really want your life to look like.

Then we show you how to design an exact blueprint to achieve that life.

Grow A Freelance Career

There are many services available to help you get a job, but when you want to grow a freelance career you are pretty much on your own. The most efficient and effective way to start a freelance career is by building an online presence that get noticed by your potential clients.

In this presentation, we show you exactly how to grow your freelance career using the magic and leverage of social media.


This post was most recently updated on June 9th, 2017

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