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What Is a TRIBE?

This post was most recently updated on April 17th, 2011


• You have your hosted blog up and going.
• You have all your connections: i.e. You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
• You even have a Facebook Fan/Like page.
• You are syndicating like crazy.
• You are writing your blog with good content.
• You are answering Twitters,
• You are making friends on Facebook.

But now things are on a flat plateau. What do you do?

Syndication is the key. How will you do that? Will you go through random people’s blogs to post comments? Work at a feverish pitch to keep up on your Facebook networking? These tactics can become a long hard task.

Do You Want Your Blog To Get Higher SEO Rankings On Google ?
Do You Want Your Blog To Be Syndicated?

Ever Hear of A TRIBE?

That’s right boys and girls, a Tribe is the way to go these days on the Internet for your business. So many people ask me to explain. So here it is.

My tribe mates not only syndicate each other, but we build closer and deeper personal bonds with one another.

We don’t just push a button and syndicate any old content. We read each others’ blogs, post an intelligent comment, then twitter and share the content on our Facebook.  It is extremely effective.

I have been in a few tribes before, but they seem to fizzle out or no one lives up to their commitments.  This tribe is a well developed one.   You must go through some training before joining. But I find that this is the most important part of a well thought out syndication process.   If you are not meeting up with your commitments, eventually you will be out of the loop.  It is fairly simple, and VERY POWERFUL, once you get the knack of it.

For people who have joined tribes in the past, have you noticed how people float in and out of them because they did not live up to their commitments.   Here, one has to because we work on a point system.

Just Getting Started And Have No Idea What I’m Talking About?

To get to know more about it, please click the link below and join a wonderful journey where you will not only benefit, but also learn so many techniques as you go.

THE BEST part of being in a tribe is that we meet people who have their own expertise and share it with us.  Whatever you are trying to accomplish with your blog and other social media, you DO NOT have to go it alone anymore.  You’re part of a tribe, and we all work together so that we all will succeed individually.

A syndication system is extremely important.  It is this aspect of “tribing” that gets real-time traffic to your blog. That, my friends, is what gives you the opportunity to sign up prospects for your unique offer.

SHARING AND CARING is the motto of a TRIBE. I have been in one for a long time and I can give an honest testimony that It Works!

If you are interested in joining my Tribe, just click here.   I KNOW you will benefit from it immensely.

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