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Google is like my Ex Husband

Why Is Google Like My Ex?

Seems like Google changes so much it has a personality just like my ex husband (key word here is ex lol)  No matter what I did for that man he was never satisfied. I would cook his favorite dinners, then he would complain that he wanted something else.   He was never pleased with anything I […]

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Keep It Positive

Keeping it Positive

This post was most recently updated on March 26th, 2014 When you are on your social media sites, I’m sure you frequently see discussions and threads about politics and other controversial topics.    For the most part, these conversations are negative.  Do you jump into those conversations and give your views, or do you sit […]

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Create Your Own Google+ Community

It has been a week since I created a Google+ “Community”, and I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback, and lots of new visitors to my blog because of it.   When the community page came out on Google+ I immediately jumped on it through sheer intuition.  I do believe that if you have a […]

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