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Does your blog reach the right audience?

Does your blog reach the right audienceDoes your blog reach the right audience?

You work hard to get people to your blog, but what if they have no interest in reading it?

Something you’ve done worked well enough to get them there.

But it’s possible that your blog is reaching the wrong audience.

In fact, it’s a common problem for bloggers to face.

You need people to get to your blog and think “that’s exactly what I needed to read.”

But if your content is irrelevant to them, they might think, instead, “I don’t care about this.”

Then they’ll just click away.

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All your hard work promoting your blog will go to waste if it doesn’t reach the right audience.

So here’s what you’ll want to do to be sure it does.

Find the right audience

If you thought that everybody would find your blog posts interesting, you’re wrong.

And if everybody actually does, then you’re appealing to too broad a niche.

If you write a blog post, for instance, on “how to be happy,” then sure, just about everyone would be interested.

The problem is, you don’t want an audience that includes “everybody.”

That’s because there are just too many places people can look to be happy.

What are the chances that your blog can stand up to such rigorous, professional and very well funded competition?

You’re better off to be looking for a very tiny, specific audience.

Microblogging Promises Massive Results To Smart Bloggers

So if you write a blog post about “the 7 best places to visit in Madison, Wisconsin,” your audience can be much more narrowly defined.

And it’s far more likely that they’ll be interested in reading your blog post if it really tells them “the 7 best places to visit in Madison, Wisconsin.”

And that’s the audience you’re looking for.

That’s the right audience for your blog.

People who are interested in the topics and posts you write.

Reach out to those people, and you’ll be reaching your target blog audience.

And you’ll start connecting with exactly the people you are looking for… and who are looking for you.

Blog about products your audience is searching for

What products is your audience looking for?

And what do they need?

These are the things you want to blog about.

Your blog will reach the right audience when it talks about things they’re interested in.

So stop and think about what kind of products you promote on your blog.

Are they a perfect fit for the audience you’re trying to reach out to?

Or are you afraid to pitch products on your blog?

Well, here’s the thing.

A large portion of your potential readership is people who are looking for solutions to their problems.

If you’re offering them products and services that can help solve those problems, they’re more likely to find that you are a valuable resource.

But, if you think you’ll chase people away by “pitching” on your blog, then you’re probably actually alienating the precisely the right people for your blog.

How to pitch products in your blog posts

You want to pitch products on your blog to reach the right audience.

So try this.

Think of the problems that people in your audience need solved.

What products and services can help them?

Try writing some feature blog posts about those things.

And try linking to them often in your blog posts.

Start casually mentioning products in the context of whatever you’re writing about.

This will not cause people to lose interest in your blog when you do it in a helpful manner.

And it will actually help your blog reach the right audience.

How to Strengthen Your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

So for instance, if you want to reach people looking to run webinars, then write a blog post about the best webinar services available.

If you’re looking for a broader audience looking for, say, information about how to do videos, then write some blog posts about various video services and software.

Only people interested in these things will click to your blog and social media posts linking to those things.

Remember, your readers are looking to find solutions to their problems.

When you offer solutions, even paid solutions, they’ll be tuning in.

That’s a wonderful way for your blog to reach the right audience.

Social media outreach

It should be no secret to you, that social media is the best place to reach and interact with your target audience.

You need to find the platforms where your particular audience is active.

Then update your blog posting there, of course.

But more importantly, get involved in the discussions going on in your niche.

Social media groups

It’s important to do the standard types of “content marketing” on social media.

This includes linking to your blog posts to promote your content.

But you also need to be in touch with some of the social media “groups” in your niche.

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This is a more focused way that your blog can reach the right audience.

It’s not so important which social media platforms to use for this.

What is important is that you find people who would be interested in the things you blog about.

Join those groups.

Stay active in them.

That means to see what conversations are going on in various groups, and offering your opinion, advice and, of course, sharing your content in the context of what people are talking about.

So if everyone in the group is wondering how to find clients for their business, and you have written a blog post on that topic, jump into the conversation.

Give some advice.

And let people know you’ve written an article on the topic if they’re looking for a deeper understanding of how to find prospective clients.

Social media platforms

Now, I mentioned that the actual platforms are not that important.

The fact that your target audience is active on any one of them, is important, however.

Because that’s where you’ll be able to connect with them.

Remember, social media is not just for content marketing.

How To Share Your Blog Post On Social Media

Just posting links to your content won’t get people to your blog if you fail to share those links with your target audience.

Being actively involved on key social media platforms is the best way you can make your blog reaches the right audience.

Here are some of the top platforms you should consider for finding your target audience.


Facebook is the king, of course.

You can definitely find the right audience for your blog on Facebook.

But you can’t just rely on posting to reach people.

Facebook isn’t likely to exposure your posts to many of your followers, just a tiny percentage of them.

You have to be more aggressive to make that happen.

Facebook ads

One way is to start buying Facebook ads.

This is not something everyone has the budget for, but if you do, you can fine-tune it so your blog can reach the right audience.

You can even retarget your ads so that your audience will get multiple exposures to your ads.

But again, you might not have the budget for that.

The best way to overcome the cost of ads is to use them to give people a very clear call to action.

Ask them to buy something, or subscribe to your email list for instance.

That way, you can use your ads to actually raise funds.

So potentially, your cost for the actual ads can be reduced or even eliminated.

Facebook groups

The free alternative is to join Facebook groups.

Seek out the groups that are aimed specifically at the right audience for your blog.

Then look for those groups who have active conversations going on.

You don’t necessarily need to locate groups with large numbers of people.

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It’s far more important that they are robust and always have people talking to each other on them.

That gives you the chance to join those conversations as a way to reach the right audience for your blog.


Twitter is another good place to find your target audience.

Look for hashtag followers of topics in your niche.

See what lists your competitors have created, to tap into their followers, too.

You can find lots of people who would find your blog interesting enough to start looking for the content you share.

Just keep tweeting information and links that will be valuable to them.

Be consistent and your blog following should start growing.

For some extra help with this platform, here’s how to find and grow a targeted Twitter following.


YouTube is unique because you can talk to people directly, face to camera.

That goes a long way in adding personality to your blog.

When people get used to seeing you on video, they will be far more likely to start visiting your blog.

And by using the right SEO keywords for your videos, you can reach the right audience and build your blog with YouTube.

Make sure you understand the correct strategy for researching the right audience for your YouTube channel to be effective.


Reddit is especially useful because of the group activity.

As with Facebook, you need to find the groups that match the focus of your blog.

Then get active and post often in those groups.

Here’s how to engage with your audience on Reddit.


Pinterest is mostly a visual platform.

So if you like using images, you can find the right audience for your blog by posting consistently here.

And you can even post to other peoples Pinterest “boards.”

Posting on other people’s boards gives you the advantage of being seen by all of their followers.

This greatly expands the reach your blog can have for just the right audience.

Here’s a great ​​overview on Pinterest audience targeting if you’re interested in this platform.


Instagram is similar to Pinterest in that it is mostly visual.

But more like Twitter, it’s greatest impact is related to the hashtags you use.

Learn more about how to identify your Instagram target audience and turn them into customers from Neal Schaffer.

Create a course or ebook

You can help your blog reach the right audience by offering them something tailored to their specific needs.

Some very powerful ways to deliver this is by creating a course or writing an ebook.

Think of something that would really help people in your specific niche.

Create Your Own Product To Sell Online

If your niche is coloring books, for instance, a course or ebook on how to create a coloring book would appeal to people just getting started.

A course or ebook on how to market coloring books might be more valuable to more experienced people in this niche.

Your blog could reach that audience if you decided, for example, to give away your course or ebook.

Try giving it for free in Facebook groups, on your blog, or on LinkedIn posts, for instance.

Perhaps you could offer it in the description box of a YouTube video

These are just a few of the many strategies you could use to help your blog reach its target audience with a course or ebook.

Blog commenting

Find blogs in your niche.

Start commenting on articles you find there.

How to do successful blog commenting

By focusing on articles in your niche, your comments will reach out to the right audience for your own blog.

Blog in a narrow niche

Your blog can reach the right audience if you stay narrowly focused on your niche.

Post content that will give value to that audience.

Do it consistently, and promote your blog content everywhere.

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Build “Content Upgrades” + “Landing Pages” Into Your Blog Posts, Seamlessly & Fast

Use your blog posts to keep solving problems for readers in your niche.

The people who you are helping are your target audience.

They will notice what you are doing, and start gaining interest in your blog.

Your YouTube channel

Try starting a YouTube channel specifically for your niche, or to solve a specific problem in your niche.

YouTube is a robust search engine reaching tons of people in any niche.

Post videos for your target audience consistently.

Link to your blog posts.

You’ll be reaching the right audience for your blog each time you put up a video on YouTube.


Influencers can help your blog tremendously to reach the right audience.

They know lots of people, have lots of followers, and everything they say or do gets notices.

And everyone in their circle of influence gets noticed, too.

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Be one of those people.

Find the influencers in your niche.

Interview them.

Link to their articles in your blog posts.

Network with them on social media and through email.

Promote their blogs, videos and social posts often and consistently.

You can do this on your blog, or on social media, or both.

Guest posting

A natural outgrowth of networking with influencers, is to write guest posts for them.

After you’ve been networking with them for a while, as described above, ask them if you can write a guest article on their blog.

This will really give you some credibility with their extensive audience.

And remember, you’ve chosen to work with and for them because their audience is the right audience for your blog.

So take advantage of that by writing some guest posts for as many influencers as you have time for.

Does your blog reach the right audience?

It’s critical that your blog reaches the right audience if it to be successful.

I’ve given you quite a few ways to make that happen.

You can blog about products your audience is searching for.

Reach out to them on social media.

You might even consider using paid ads on Facebook and elsewhere.

Establish the best social media platforms to find your target audience.

Create courses and ebooks that will attract people to your blog.

Do extensive blog commenting.

Network with influencers.

Write guest posts for them, and key bloggers in your niche.

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Now I’d like to hear from you.

Are people interested in things you post on your blog?

Do you know how to find those people?

Does your blog reach the right audience?


PS: Share this on your favorite social sites, too. I really appreciate it 🙂

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6 Responses to Does your blog reach the right audience?

  1. Lisa Sicard
    November 22, 2021 at 9:37 am #

    Hi Donna, very interesting.

    I’ve found a lot of interest in my posts over on a Gab group of small businesses. I’ve even polled them on what course I will create next. They are tired of Facebook and Twitter and want to run their businesses without them.

    I’ve also found some others on Reddit and Quora groups. All great places to connect with like-minded individuals.
    Getting in front of the right people is key today – otherwise, you are wasting so much time.

    Lisa Sicard recently posted.. 11 Must Have Instagram Tools To Boost Your Business

    • Donna Merrill November 30, 2021 at 11:25 am #

      That is so true Lisa,

      So many people are tired of Twitter and Facebook. I do like Quora and their groups are great. I find a more serious minded blogger and/or marketer there instead of a lot of trash.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..Quick guide to blogging consistentlyMy Profile

  2. Praveen Rajarao
    November 18, 2021 at 10:55 am #

    Great resource Donna. I am finding my audience through Pinterest & Facebook Groups. Other platforms I tend to use are reddit and instagram. We can get into meaningful conversations with like-minded audience in reddit and usually they end up on my blog. Engaging in forums related to your niche always helps a lot.
    Praveen Rajarao recently posted..How to Make Coffee Taste Good Like StarbucksMy Profile

  3. Aadiv S
    November 18, 2021 at 6:16 am #

    Hi Donna,

    Your content is very unique ,insightful & Very informative. Thanks For sharing valuable information for every blogger to explore, everything are clearly mentioned and in details. As you show here ,we can find our target audience in many different and more organic ways. It’s really about getting to know your potential audience in mind every time. Once again thanks for such useful post

    Aadiv S

  4. Ryan K Biddulph
    November 16, 2021 at 1:39 pm #

    Excellent job with this post Donna. I have been hitting hashtags on Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn mercilessly lol. But the results are that I am more than ever blogging for the right audience. I am also answering more questions on blogging through Reddit and Quora. People are finding me and my blog because I’m keeping the right audience member in mind every time I’m doing something online. As always, a timely post my friend.


    Ryan Biddulph recently posted.. Do You Try to Solve Your Problems or Reader Problems through Blogging?

  5. John Ravi November 16, 2021 at 2:04 am #

    Hi Donna,

    Amazing post! As a blogger, I also face the problem of getting my blog in front of the right audience. Your article contained a lot of information that I was not aware of. I think the way you described finding the right audience was fantastic. I too think that social media is one of the best ways to connect with the target audience. Thanks a lot for including all the platforms and ways to use them. This article has helped me a lot, and I think it will help other bloggers as well.

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