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Law Of Attraction - My True Life Story

Law Of Attraction – My True Life Story

I’m going a little off-beat in this post to share with you about the law of attraction, and how it played out in my true life story. It started when I realized I’ve been over worked. I was at my doctor’s office and he asked me if I have a vacation planned for the Autumn. Now, […]

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The Inner Marketer Day 4

Raise Your Standards! Recently, I watched a video by Anthony Robbins in which he talked about raising your standards.  It made me think of the mindset we develop somewhere along the line, and how to expand it into new realms of promise and growth. So, my friends let me ask you these simple questions: Are […]

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Living Gratitude

You must have heard this so many times before… the word “Gratitude” which is pretty common these days.  We can say we are grateful for things in our lives, but do we live in gratitude?  In my video below, there is a example of how to incorporate your gratefulness into your lifestyle.  It’s one easy […]

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