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How To Go Live on Facebook

How To Go Live on FacebookI want to show you exactly “How To Go Live on Facebook” to build your audience.


Because your blogging business depends on building an ever-fresh, loyal and targeted audience.

Facebook Live can help you do exactly that… for free.

I recently did a brief training (more about that in a minute) about how to go live on Facebook.

And how to use it to increase your business and build your brand.

Now that’s a lot of mileage that you can get out of a single free social media feature, right?

So why not jump in and start using it?

How do I get a Facebook live stream?

You can easily get a Facebook live stream.

Just go on your Facebook newsfeed status and start to post!

Just like you always do.

Nothing different.

I told you it was easy 🙂

You can do it from your Apple phone, Android or even your desktop.

Here’s what that looks like on my desktop…

My status update (topic that I’ll talk about) is “I’m going to start my Live Video right here.”

Just above that status update is the camera icon and the “Live Video” button.

Simply click that and you’re ready to go live 🙂

Reach your Target Audience

Now the only thing I’d say about this is that in order to get people to watch your live stream video, you want to use a compelling title.

So, in the above example I simply said “I’m going to start my Live Video right here.”

Now that’s not very compelling, is it?

If I’m a realtor, I might say “Here’s the fastest way to sell your house.”

How about some of these.

  • “How I lost 10 pounds last week.”
  • “Peek inside my closet. These are my favorite fall hats.”
  • “Are all blog hosting services really the same?”

So, you get it.

Know what your target audience would be interested in, and create topics around those interests.

That’s compelling enough to get folks to check you out.

How can I use Facebook live?

You can use Facebook live in many ways.

Facebook live is a Relationship Tool

Most important, you can connect with your audience in a real way.

You become a living, breathing person instead of just another “blogger.”

This is how you develop relationships with your prospective customers and clients.

Yes, you can actually sell things on Facebook live and I’ll show you how.

But first, you must develop a bond with people, so they get to trust you.

Facebook live is a Marketing Platform

Then, you can use Facebook live to start marketing your blog or whatever else you want.

You just have to know How to Turn Facebook Live into a Sizzling Marketing Machine

Facebook live is a Promotional Platform

Finally, you can actually turn Facebook live into an informal sort of a webinar-styled platform.

Promote yourself, your product or your service.

You can develop formal training presentations.

Use them to either

  • pitch your product or service, or simply
  • give your audience great value to further brand yourself as a leader and authority.

How To Go Live on Facebook

My good friend and fellow blogger, Prince Akwarandu, of World Writers Hub, asked me to show his audience how to go live on Facebook.

So I did a Facebook live (what else… haha) training inside of his World Writers Facebook group.

How To Go Live on FacebookHere’s the replay, so that you can learn, too.

Topics Covered in the video:

Why Do Facebook Live? (starts at 3:30)
Get Over the “Camera Shy” Thing (starts at 8:42)
How to Profit from Facebook Live (starts at 20:26)
How To Go Live on Facebook for the First Time (starts at 28:40)

Special: Learn How YOU Can Profit With Facebook Live

Why Do Facebook Live?

So many bloggers and marketers have learned the power of Facebook Live.

They jumped in early and have been getting really good results ever since.

As it becomes increasingly mainstream, you either get involved or get left out in the cold.

It’s practically essential for bloggers to learn how to go live on Facebook.

Remember when people resisted going on Facebook at all?

It wasn’t long ago.

Bloggers were saying, “I’m a blogger. I don’t need to be wasting my time on some silly social media platform like Facebook.”

But I don’t know too many of those people who have not since realized that if they’re not on Facebook, they had little access to their target audience.

Facebook Live is the same kind of situation.

It gives you a unique chance to get very personal with your audience, and to vastly expand your base of prospects and customers.

Do it now, or get left out in the cold.

Get Over the “Camera Shy” Thing

I hear from students and clients, all kinds of reasons as to why they “can’t do Facebook live.”

But I can tell you right now that it really gets down to one Big Reason… being camera shy.

Almost every time when we dig deep that’s the reason that people just won’t get started with this.

Well the good news is that it doesn’t matter.

You can be camera shy all you want and still have a wonderful Facebook live audience.

That’s because, really… you don’t even have to be on camera at all.

Now I’m not going to tell you that it’s not better to get used to being in front of the camera.

It is.

But there are definitely ways that you can limit or even eliminate your face to camera exposure, if you want.

I talk about that in the video above.

How to Profit from Facebook Live


Facebook live is an incredible tool for to “build your brand”… your personal or business brand.

This is really important to bloggers because you need people to know who you are and why you blog.

Facebook live gives you the perfect platform for letting people know these things.


As you drive traffic back to your blog of course you have many opportunities to profit if your blog is properly monetized.

But generating traffic to your blog is a topic for another day.


Right now I just want to impress on you that you can also profit directly from Facebook live.

By that I mean you can actually sell things during your live presentation.

I show you exactly how to do that in the video above.

This is good news for affiliate marketers.

It gives you a chance to make direct commissions in a way that Facebook rarely allows without paid advertising.

And it also gives you a perfect chance to promote your own products or services.

If you’re a professional like a real estate broker or an attorney this is one of the best ways to get new clients.

Really, if you have any service that people can use… this is a great way to promote it.

Are you a freelance writer?

A graphic designer?

Maybe a coach or mentor?

Whatever service you might offer, you can quickly find an audience for it when you build your very own Facebook live audience.

It’s really not hard to do 🙂

How To Go Live on Facebook for the Very First Time

Now if you’ve never done a Facebook live, here’s your chance.

The video above shows you how to do Facebook live

  • even if you’ve never done it before, and
  • even if you don’t know a stinkin’ thing about Facebook live.

All you need is your smartphone and something you want to talk about.

You’re on the way.

Actually, you don’t even need the smartphone.

You can broadcast a Facebook live directly from your computer now.

So if you don’t like working on your phone, that’s cool.

What’s nice about using your phone of course is that you can do it anywhere, anytime.

If you’re on the subway going to work, you can do a quick Facebook live.

If you’re sitting in your office and you’ve got 10 minutes and want to connect to your audience, just grab your phone and do it.

You can be at the park with your kids.

You can be walking the dog.

Putting out the trash.

Facebook live is all about using your imagination.

So think… what’s a cool setting for you to connect to your audience?

What’s the core message that you’re trying to deliver?

What topic would you like to talk about?

Just grab your phone or sit at your computer and get started.

How To Go Live on Facebook

So I hope I’ve given you lots of good reasons to get started with Facebook live today.

Special: Learn How YOU Can Profit With Facebook Live

You can have guests to interview or chat with.

Or you could have a co-host to lessen the burden on it being “just you.”

The main thing is that you get to meet your audience face to face.

If you’re just talking over slides, at least they get to hear your voice.

You get that bond going and start building an audience.

That’s how you build your blogging business.

So what about it?

Are you ready to get started now that you know exactly How To Go Live on Facebook?

Leave me a comment below, and of course, share this with your loyal social media followers.

They’ll love you for it 🙂


Special: Let Me Show You Everything You Need To Know about How To Do Facebook Live

Donna Merrill
Donna is a well known blogger and creator of "Blogging Magic" - an intensive guide to blogging. "Blogging Magic" is for beginners who are trying to figure out how to bring their blogs to life with tons of visits, comments and social media interaction. It's even for advanced bloggers looking to reach new levels of authority and engagement with their audience.

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19 Responses to How To Go Live on Facebook

  1. Franca Whyte September 21, 2019 at 6:39 am #

    I am always shy when it comes to going Live on Facebook, but after seeing this post, I got the courage to do. Thanks, Donna for sharing this with us.

  2. James August 28, 2019 at 8:07 am #

    everybody know how to go live on facebook , yet you reveal to us new things and one of a kind things was extraordinary , I truly welcome you since you are master in blogging world
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Sathish Arumugam
    November 7, 2018 at 5:24 am #

    All need to share with their connects, it makes them excited, it ultimately grow their fan base in real time. Live is a new and immersive way for public figures where we can share and talk with friends.
    Sathish Arumugam recently posted..Best High DA Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List 2018 – {Top Authority}My Profile

  4. Bhawna Kaushik
    October 10, 2018 at 5:13 am #

    Hey Donna.

    Awesome article.
    I have started using Instagram live and I am getting more and more engagement.
    People liking my content and also engaging with my stories and posts.
    Same goes with Facebook
    Thanks for the awesome update. Keep up the good work 🙂
    Bhawna Kaushik recently posted..Questions to ask for self-discoveryMy Profile

  5. Prince Akwarandu
    October 9, 2018 at 11:41 am #

    Hi Donna,

    You’re an amazing woman I must say. No jokes. I love the way you value positive relationships and bonding with other people. As I write this, out of the 4 Friday Webinars that held last month at World Writers Hub Facebook group, yours remains the most engaged and viewed.

    There are many benefits of using Facebook Live for business, including access to the world’s largest online audiences through a platform they already use every day. Unique features for audience engagement, such as real-time commenting and Live Reactions that allow hosts and viewers to interact.

    Thanks for showing up and dushing out the content here. Going live on Facebook is one thing many people are afraid to do. To us, here, is the practical guide on how to go live on Facebook. Keep blessing lives through the content you share.

  6. Tarique Amir September 27, 2018 at 8:01 am #

    Hi Donna,

    What a lovely post. It is great to be able to connect to your audience and see their reaction live. You have explained in a very detailed manner which is very beneficial to all your viewers.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post. Keep up the good work.
    Tarique Amir recently posted..Computers in our daily lifeMy Profile

  7. Sajid Akhter September 27, 2018 at 7:58 am #

    Hi Donna,

    Great post. Facebook live has become quite popular of late. It is a great way to connect with your followers and keep them engage. You have extremely well showing us step by step how to go about it. I must say your post is really helpful for all your visitors.

    Thank you for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  8. Ritika Sharma September 26, 2018 at 9:20 am #

    Way to go, Donna, this is a fascinating history of marketing. I love how you managed to include and expand on all of the top points a person usually have for going live on Facebook. I also love your example in which you said: “I’m going to start my Live Video right here.”
    A fascinating post that I’ll bookmark for sure future re-reading. Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Brandi Gates September 25, 2018 at 6:42 am #

    Hi Donna
    everyone know how to go live on facebook , but you tell us new things and unique things was great , i really appreciate you because you are pro in blogging world
    Thank you for sharing

  10. shivansh singh September 24, 2018 at 9:23 am #

    I get live on facebook first time after watching your post.
    thank you so much.

  11. Vishwajeet Kumar
    September 22, 2018 at 4:10 am #

    Hello Donna,

    Facebook live is a great option to connect with your readers visually. It creates more bonding and engagement as well. I have seen all of your Facebook Live videos and all of them are very informative. I haven’t doing any Facebook live videos, But willing to give it a try. I will definitely implement these strategies. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

    Have a Great Day 🙂
    Vishwajeet Kumar recently posted..Brighter Aspect Of Digital MarketingMy Profile

  12. Gaurav Kumar
    September 21, 2018 at 8:52 pm #

    Do you want to improve the brand presence on social media? If yes, then going live on Facebook is the great way to leave an impact. To make your Facebook live effective, it is necessary that you should be clear what you want to talk about. Always stick to the point.

    It is really easy and effective way to improve branding, gain traffic and boost conversion.

    Glad you shared this.
    Gaurav Kumar recently posted..You Can Do These 6 Jobs — and Make Good Money — from HomeMy Profile

    • Donna Merrill September 24, 2018 at 5:53 pm #

      Hi Gaurav,

      Indeed we must stick to the point and it is so effective to improving our business and enhance conversions.

      A little bit of shared knowledge on a live stream goes a long way.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..How Do You Start a Blog to Make Money?My Profile

  13. Ryan Biddulph
    September 20, 2018 at 10:58 am #

    Gotta get over the Facebook Live camera shy thing guys. Listen to Donna.

    I love this platform because reminding folks we are human – not words on a screen – is the easiest way to bond with readers.

    Tackle practical topics pressing in your niche. Be genuine. Roll with nervous or agitated feelings. All pass. Plus you will tend to fall in love with the platform eventually because most humans love being surrounded by other humans. Lives are just groups of humans, meeting and sharing.

    • Donna Merrill September 24, 2018 at 5:48 pm #

      Hi Ryan,

      Indeed….roll with those nervous feelings. Tell folks this is your “first time” if it is and they will understand. Not only that, but you will encourage others to get on board. We are only human lol.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..How Do You Start a Blog to Make Money?My Profile

  14. Praveen Verma
    September 20, 2018 at 1:56 am #

    Happy to read this post. Here, great to know about the benefits of Facebook live stream for internet marketers. FB live is one of the best ways to promote brand and services and get personal with your audience.

    Yes, it is very necessary to know your target audience and their needs, then create a compelling title accordingly. Really, FB live stream will prove to be beneficial for online businesses if done in a right way.

    Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen Verma
    Praveen Verma recently posted..9 Steps to Start an Ecommerce BusinessMy Profile

    • Donna Merrill September 20, 2018 at 11:55 am #

      Hi Praveen

      One interesting idea about Facebook live is that you can actually Outsource this task.

      If you don’t like doing Facebook live yourself, why not have somebody else do it for you?

      Just teach them to promote you and your core message.

      Maybe they can become the face or Ambassador for your product or blog.

      However you do it though, like you said Praveen, Facebook is so beneficial to your blog or business.

      You’ve just got to get involved one way or another.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..How to Make Your Blog the Cornerstone of a Profitable BusinessMy Profile

  15. Lisa Sicard
    September 19, 2018 at 10:09 pm #

    Hi Donna, i thought I read somewhere that we can now schedule a live Facebook live post? Is that true? I haven’t been able to see that feature on mine but would love that.
    I have done live only a couple of times and want to start doing more. I’ve done more videos that I use in various places to practice, etc but I’d love to get started by November with some.
    Is it the Facebook algorithm that makes these get such good results? I’m just curious Donna!
    You were the one that introduced me as we did one way back when! I’ve done a few since but need to get in the habit with it. I’m just getting use to getting my photo out there in promotions so video would be the next step.
    WOW, great video. I’m curious how you got it from FB to YouTube. Hi to Prince, I’ve meet him on the blog before 🙂
    Love the idea about a private group for your FB live too 🙂
    Thanks for all your tips here with it Donna! You surely have been rocking it with Facebook Live!
    Lisa Sicard recently posted..Facebook Page Likes – Can They Generate Money for Your Business?My Profile

    • Donna Merrill September 20, 2018 at 11:36 am #

      Hi Lisa

      You can schedule posts from your “page” under publishing tools.

      And yes, groups are a great place to broadcast.

      You can make it exclusive to just your groups so your followers get used to seeing you there.

      As for getting more into the swing of doing them… you just need to set yourself a production schedule… and then stick to it!

      Just like you write your blog posts on a regular basis, you have to start doing Facebook live on a regular basis too.

      Once you schedule it and stick to it it gets done.

      If you never schedule it … well you know what happens… nothing! haha

      Donna Merrill recently posted..How to use Calls To Action on your Blog for Profitable ConversionsMy Profile

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