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Create a winner mindset

Create a Winner MindsetYou can create a winner mindset by making it a habit.

There are specific mindset traits you must adopt.

First you need to understand what these traits are.

Then you must implement specific strategies routinely, until a winner mindset just comes naturally to you.

Let’s look at what those traits are, and then I’ll show you how to master them for yourself.

Personality Traits of a Winner

Your mindset determines your success or failure far more than anything you “do.”

And your mindset is determined by your unique personality traits.

You can be optimistic or pessimistic

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Before you quickly assure yourself that you’re an optimist, ask yourself this.

Do you see your online journey as a series of opportunities… or challenges?

You see, you might think you are optimistic because you tell yourself things like “I will be successful.”

But if you dig a bit deeper, you might find that you are really running your online business like a pessimist.

By that, I mean this.

Let’s say, for instance, you moan and groan over all the things you have to learn, or all the time it takes to do everything.

That’s how you would see your business if you are a pessimist.

But if you are truly optimistic, you would not only be willing to learn new things, you’d be excited by it.

You’d see it as an opportunity for growth and improvement, instead of a burden.

This is a key feature of a winner mindset.

Do you focus on success or failure?

There’s no doubt that as you work to grow your business, you will encounter failures.

Does that make you a failure?

Or does it make your business a failed undertaking?

Of course not.

It only means that you have failed to accomplish one tiny task, or that one strategy has failed.

These are only temporary failures.

But if you only focus on those tiny, temporary failures, then failure will become your main personality trait.

And you will adopt a failure mindset.

You will avoid challenges, and get discouraged easily.

And you will expect perpetual failure.

How Can I Break Through Endless Failure

On the other hand, if you see those failures merely as learning experiences, then you will start to build a winner mindset.

You will know, deep inside, that each small failure simply gets you closer to achieving your Big Goal.

Do you maintain your business, or nurture it to growth?

A lot of people get their business to a certain level, and then try to keep it there.

They do the same things every day that got them to that level, and repeat them so they won’t lose ground.

That’s what I call a “maintenance mindset.”

It’s goal is to stay safe and secure.

If you operate from a maintenance mindset, then you are afraid to expand your business to a higher level.

You may be afraid that you are risking whatever you’ve achieved so far.

Or you may simply have reached a comfortable spot, and you don’t want to challenge yourself to continue growing.

When you adopt a winner mindset, though, you will do everything in your power to expand your business.

That means, you will continually, relentlessly, nurture it so that it can grow to new heights.

You will never be “comfortable” where you are.

That’s because you know that if you’re not operating for expansion, you are actually propelling your business into contraction.

Winner Mindset personality improvement

Considering the personality traits of a winner, outlined above, you will aspire to attain those traits when you adopt a winner mindset.

You may not have those traits now.

And you may never have had them.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t undergo personality improvements to make them part of your persona.

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Developing your winner mindset will require letting go of those aspects of your personality that have been holding you back, getting you stuck, and leading you down the path to failure.

Replace things like

  • procrastination with consistent implementation of daily tasks
  • settling for mediocre results with insistence on achieving mastery
  • seeking comfort with relishing challenges for growth
  • holding onto unreasonable expectations with sticking to a process without regard to results
  • being easily discouraged with resilience
  • getting off track with steady, unwavering focus on your goals
  • always looking for something new, better or easier with a drive to master the task at hand
  • afraid to learn new things with high motivation
  • lack of confidence with self-assurance
  • slow to get started with a bounce in your step
  • fear of failure with thirst for overcoming obstacles

You see, you are not stuck with your current personality traits forever.

You can become growth-minded, achievement-oriented and resilient.

It’s called “self-improvement.”

Maybe you weren’t born a winner, but you certainly can train yourself to become one.

You can learn what it takes for you to master the art of high-level achievement.

And you can start turning setbacks into opportunities for growth.
Start loving the challenge of learning new things.

Become resilient.

Quickly rebound anytime something sets you back.

Operate with relentless motivation and high octane productivity.

Maybe you can’t be what you’re not.

But you can maximize your potential, exude confidence, and always strive to achieve a peak performance.

It’s time to break through whatever it is that is holding you back.

Here’s how to do it.

Unleash your potential

We all have potential.

Potential to achieve success, happiness and meaning in our lives.

When you accept that, you are laying the foundation for your winner mindset.

But it’s not enough to believe it.

You have to start seeing it, too.

Prosperity Mindset

The way to develop a winner mindset, is to see yourself being a winner.

Every day.

Set attainable goals

Work on one Big Goal.

Just one.

If you’re pursuing too many end-goals, you’ll only get confused and overwhelmed.

And guess what that does to your winner mindset.

It pretty much deflates it.

Spreading your efforts too thin will train you to believe you just can’t succeed.

You’ll convince the little voice in your head that you’re a loser, not a winner.

That’s because you’re playing a losing game.

Trying to win at too many things is the perfect recipe for losing at everything.

Stop trying to achieve 5 Big Goals simultaneously.

It’s not attainable.

Choose, instead, just one Big Goal.

Make it a goal that is attainable.

Then, go after it with all you’ve got!

Give yourself achievable daily tasks

It’s important to note that going after your Big Goal is a choice.

You, and only you, must decide to take action.

When you honor that decision each day, you train yourself to expect daily achievements.

So break down your Big Goal into small, daily tasks.

Make sure these tasks will actually pave the way to achieving your Big Goal.

As you complete your daily tasks one at a time, you get to check them off… completed!

And that’s a really big deal.

Here’s why.

When you complete a task, your brain is being transformed into adopting a winner mindset.

You don’t have to think about it.

Nor do you have to meditate on it.

It just happens.

Each success you have replaces a failure mindset with a winner mindset.

And your brain doesn’t quantify whether it’s a big success or a tiny one.

Success is simply success.

Create a win

Don’t believe me?

If you’re having the kind of day where everything seems to be going wrong, try accomplishing something little, even relatively insignificant.

Re-arrange the kitchen cabinet.

Clean out a box of stuff from your closet.


You will feel a sense of accomplishment, and your entire outlook will improve.

That’s because you won at something.


How to reshape your mindset

Here’s the thing.

You need to have small wins every day.

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Many small wins.

Multiple times a day.

Every day.

The more often your brain processes a win, the stronger and faster you adopt a winner mindset.

Become a serial winner.

Two things will then happen.


Each day you will get closer to achieving your Big Goal.

Step by step, one little task after another.


You will start seeing yourself as a winner.

Even setbacks will seem trivial because you get so used to winning, that a setback can easily be written off as a learning opportunity.


Because you have adopted a winner mindset.

When you experience failure, you will simply put it on your list to achieve later.

Or you will figure out a better way to make it happen.

You will have developed resilience.

You know you haven’t failed, you just have to figure out why you couldn’t do it today, and plan how you will do it tomorrow.

However you slice it, you are going to achieve it!

Create a winner mindset

Become a serial winner.

Maybe you don’t really believe you can write an ebook in 60 days.


But you can make that your Big Goal, can’t you?

And you can break that down into weekly goals, and daily goals.

Now, are you able to make an outline of your ebook on Monday?

Can you research your first topic on Tuesday, just to see what other people are saying about it?

And can you write a paragraph on your first topic Wednesday?

Just continue on in that manner.

Have multiple tiny wins every day.

Your self-esteem will get a big boost.

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And slowly, but steadily, you will be marching forward, ready to conquer that Big Goal that you never thought you could.

Meanwhile, your subconscious mind will be watching all these accomplishments.

Day after day, multiple times a day, it will notice that you are piling up wins.

It’s beginning to see that you really are a winner, after all.

Yes, you have turned the corner.

You have unleashed your potential.

And yes, you have started to create a winner mindset.

Top Tier Coaching

I’d love to hear your comments below.

Let me know if you are ready, right now, to create a winner mindset.


PS: Please share this article on your social sites, too.  I really appreciate it 🙂

Donna Merrill
Donna is a well known blogger and creator of "Blogging Magic" - an intensive guide to blogging. "Blogging Magic" is for beginners who are trying to figure out how to bring their blogs to life with tons of visits, comments and social media interaction. It's even for advanced bloggers looking to reach new levels of authority and engagement with their audience.


9 Responses to Create a winner mindset

  1. Mark Mcgrath June 12, 2021 at 10:41 am #

    Hi Donna.
    Congratulations on posting an utterly amazing article on having a positive mindset.
    This article is of special significance especially since considering the current pandemic, the world currently finds iteslef embroiled in.
    Whether by an inch or a mile, a win remains a win!
    Once again thank you for a terrific article.

  2. Donna Merrill May 5, 2021 at 8:28 pm #

    Hi Erika,

    I love to see even the smallest accomplishment happen. Sometimes I do a little happy dance…really! But when it comes to setbacks, there will always be there. I had struggled to keep my online business going when I was care taking my mom. There were days where she needed my total attention all day and I was exhausted to get online at night. But I seen it as a challenge. Do the most important thing first (in this case it was care taking) and then catch up on the rest.

    Donna Merrill recently posted..Wealth building for bloggersMy Profile

  3. Ash
    May 5, 2021 at 9:57 am #

    Hey Donna,

    For a long time now, I was neither optimistic nor pessimistic (what’s the word for this?). I just had to do what I had to do for several years. At first, it was to prove to myself that I could do this (given the brutal ups and downs). Then, it was for the money. Later, it was because there’s nothing I’d rather do.

    Setbacks were a part of my life (there’s never a steady stream of income — you got to make it as steady as you can). I took it all into my stride.

    The trouble is that when you are on a freelancing mode or agency mode, you don’t get to do much for yourself. Often, our own projects take a back seat. We don’t get the privilege of actually following through with the advice we give our own clients (and that explains why I made it a point to blog for myself).

    But all of this is dangerous, now that I start thinking as you wrote about the “winner mindset”. About taking it to another level. It requires another leap of faith, a lot more work than what it used to be, a mindset of success, an absolute focus on growing (even if it’s as a person).

    This requires a shift from the “freelancer mode” to an entrepreneur mode. Normally, for freelancers, an agency is the next obvious thing. I, however, don’t want to go down that route.

    That’s why we had that little discussion about videos and why that previous blog you wrote about “teaching online” courses resonated so much with me.

    I am on. I will make it happen.

    Thank you for being an angel, Donna 🙂

    P.S: I wrote about you in a post today. When your time permits, please do read it.
    Ash recently posted..How to Use Social Proof to Boost ConversionsMy Profile

    • Donna Merrill May 5, 2021 at 8:05 pm #

      Hi Ash,

      I can see from your comment that you are so ready to take the next step. Indeed, it is a “shift” in mindset, but you will get used to it. Just like anything in life, we find something new to put on our plate and have to make some room for it. The entrepreneur mindset is one that will be pretty easy for you to shift in. (I just have that feeling….). You are determined, devoted to your work and I’m sure you will do so well.

      Take your time with it and enjoy it every step of the way. There’s always loads of learning as you go on this journey but I just have a feeling that learning is something you do enjoy.

      Have fun and be prosperous.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..Wealth building for bloggersMy Profile

  4. Ryan K Biddulph
    May 1, 2021 at 1:46 pm #

    Setting realistic goals is the ultimate wake-up call for ego, Donna. I had a tough time winning because I lost quite a bit, during my days of blogging delusion. I set such big goals and had such tight deadlines that reaching the goals proved to be entirely impossible. However, pulling back, falling in love with the process and noting positive growth allowed me to see that I was in fact winning. The difference-maker was being measured, humble, relaxed, patient, and willing to count my wins versus spotting my loses mired in delusional thinking.

    • Donna Merrill May 5, 2021 at 8:11 pm #

      Hi Ryan,

      I think we were all confused in the beginning. But what we learned in our blogging journey is so amazing. Not only did we grow our blogs and business, but we had a heck of a lot of self growth.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..Wealth building for bloggersMy Profile

  5. Lisa Sicard
    April 29, 2021 at 2:22 pm #

    Hi Donna, I think it’s easy to get discouraged than to pick yourself up and think positive every day even when it’s not a good day. I love the idea of breaking things into little pieces. That always helps. Otherwise, you get way overwhelmed and do nothing. Been there, done that too much! Thinking positive helps you to get more down and become the winner that you think you are 🙂 I love it!
    Lisa Sicard recently posted..Small Business Ideas from Home to Challenge YouMy Profile

    • Donna Merrill May 5, 2021 at 8:17 pm #

      Hi Lisa,

      If I don’t break down things in little pieces, I do get overwhelmed. Then I don’t accomplish even the smallest task during the day. I don’t like that feeling. This is why I try to “stick to my script” per se, because I like to write lists and do my tasks to complete a realistic day.

      Now I just added one more thing to my day. I re-did my mother’s room and made it to an exercise room. I’m on that treadmill every day right after coffee. If I prolong the time, I end up doing nothing. Same goes for business. We have to pick ourselves up when we are feeling down.

      Donna Merrill recently posted..Wealth building for bloggersMy Profile

  6. Erika Mohssen-Beyk
    April 28, 2021 at 2:52 pm #

    Hi Donna,

    You are right to create a Winner mindset matters. Most people focus more on what is missing and get discouraged. But it is the little things that if accomplished bring to the goal. Good to see every small accomplishment as a win and move to the next. Setbacks can be seen as challenges on the way to the goal overcoming them is also a win. It is seeing things differently in a positive way that helps to create a Winner mindset.
    Thank you for the good reminder and advice.

    Erika Mohssen-Beyk recently posted.. Easy Steps to Make Self-Acceptance And Self-Love a Habit

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