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What is your Blogging Process

What is your blogging process?

When you answer the question… “what is your blogging process?”… you will see what path your business is following. And by “blogging process,” I’m not talking about just the process of writing a blog post. I’m talking about the process of running your entire blogging business, too. Now, if you cannot answer this question, then […]

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how to start and run a blog by yourself

How To Start And Run A Blog By Yourself

“How To Start And Run A Blog By Yourself” is a bit misleading as the title for this article. In fact, if you want to start and run a blog, it’s next to impossible to blog successfully without the assistance of many other people. Not only is it difficult to do everything on your own, […]

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Run your blog like you would run a store

Run Your Blog Like You Would Run A Store

This post was most recently updated on August 6th, 2016You really should “Run Your Blog Like You Would Run A Store.” As someone who been both a blogger and a brick and mortar shop owner, I can tell you that the concept is the same. First, you “set up shop.” Like a shop owner has […]

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How Blogging Communities Build Site Traffic

How Blogging Communities Build Site Traffic

This post was most recently updated on August 1st, 2016It’s good to know how blogging communities build site traffic whether you are just starting your blog, or you’ve been blogging like a pro. That’s because the blogging communities not only build site traffic for you, but they also attract the very best quality visitors. I’ve been blogging […]

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Beginning To Blog

Beginning To Blog

This post was most recently updated on March 26th, 2014I’ve been reading articles from many new bloggers lately.  Some are fantastic and really “wow” me!  Some need a little work.    So I decided to write to all those who are beginning to blog.  Now, I know I have a lot of seasoned professional blog […]

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Basic Bloggin

Basic Blogging

I was compelled to write this post because I had so many people asking me blogging questions this past week. They wanted to know how I was able to kick out a blog and get so many wonderful comments. Well, it is fairly easy to do when you know a few simple rules.  I have […]

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Blogging Ethics

I haven’t written about blogging in a while, but because I meet so many new bloggers each day, I was compelled to raise the issue of blogging ethics. First, though, let me ask you a question.  Have you ever received a comment on your blog, and then gone back to return the favor only to […]

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