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Too Busy For Personal Growth

Too Busy For Personal Growth?

Are you too busy for personal growth? Many bloggers tell me that they just don’t have time for the personal growth aspect of their business. You see, here’s the problem with personal growth. Successful people make time for it. Unsuccessful people are too busy for it. That’s just a fact. I see it all the […]

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EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy

This post was most recently updated on March 26th, 2014In my last post I shared how my irrational fear was conquered by EMDR Therapy.    As I read through my comments, most of my readers wanted to know how it worked for me.  In this post I will share my experience.   My therapist had […]

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11 Limiting Beliefs

This post was most recently updated on March 27th, 2014Limiting beliefs can stop you in your tracks as you trudge along on your personal journey.    Sometimes you may not even be aware of thoughts that run through your mind that will limit you in believing what you can accomplish.    It is amazing how […]

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Things Go Wrong

What is “personal development” anyway?   To some degree, it involves growing through adversity instead of shrinking from it. I want to share what happened to me last week when EVERYTHING went wrong!   It started when people were telling me that they couldn’t comment on my blog.  I checked it out and I could […]

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Everyone gets stuck from time to time, not quite mustering the energy they need to push forward with their job, relationship or project.  This is often just a little bump in the road, a rut or a brief detour.  But sometimes it can take you down a dead end, and totally terminate your journey. Negative […]

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Is It Crazy To Talk To Yourself?

This post was most recently updated on January 17th, 2013 My mother used to walk me quickly through the subway station so I wouldn’t be exposed to the “crazy” people talking to themselves.   Get on the D-train, but they were still there.  She’d move our seat. Get a transfer uptown, get out and walk […]

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How To Condition Yourself

We all hit those roadblocks where we find ourselves overloaded.  Sometimes we lose energy and burn out from completing even our simplest daily tasks. We may even lose our desire for success.  Once that happens, you’ll find an instant drop in your self-confidence level.  To prevent this downward spiral, there is a solution:  Condition Yourself! […]

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Fear of Success

It’s not uncommon for me to consult with a client hampered by a “fear of success”.  Your knee-jerk reaction could likely be this… “What?  Why wouldn’t anyone want success?”  But so many people this tendency, that I wanted to address the issue. Why would a person reject success, so much so, that they actually fear […]

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The Inner Marketer Day 4

Raise Your Standards! Recently, I watched a video by Anthony Robbins in which he talked about raising your standards.  It made me think of the mindset we develop somewhere along the line, and how to expand it into new realms of promise and growth. So, my friends let me ask you these simple questions: Are […]

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Assessing The Past

As we go into the month of December, it is a feeling of “endings” because of the calendar year.  A time to wrap things up (other than gifts lol).  A time to look back and reflect on what accomplishments we have made in the past year. A time you are assessing the past. Some people […]

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Google+ Hangout With Patricia Gozlan

I enjoyed an incredible Google+ Hangout with Patricia Gozlan this week.  I’ve really been having a lot of fun with the Google+ Hangouts that my husband, David, and I have been conducting since we started our new fan page about a month ago. It’s amazing how many people I’ve met online that cross paths we […]

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